ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2019

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ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2019



Verbesserung der Raumluftqualität in bestehenden Gebäuden, Mindestlüftungsraten und andere Maßnahmen zur Bereitstellung einer Raumluftqualität, die für Nutzer angenehm ist.

First published in 1973 as Standard 62, Standard 62.1 should be used to guide the improvement of IAQ in existing buildings. Standard 62.1 outlines minimum ventilation rates and other measures intended to provide IAQ that is acceptable to human occupants and that minimize adverse health effects.

Standard 62.1 has been fully revised for the first time since 2004 to include three procedures for ventilation design: the IAQ Procedure, the Ventilation Rate Procedure, and the Natural Ventilation Procedure. 62.2 New technology and the latest research ensure that the information in the standard is means of achieving this goal have evolved.

Significant updates to the 2019 edition include the following:

The scope is changed to remove commentary and to more specifically identify occupancies previously not covered.
Informative tables of ventilation rates per unit area are included for checking existing buildings and design of new buildings.
The Ventilation Rate Procedure is modified with a new simplified version for determining Ev and a more robust option for determining values of Ez.
The Natural Ventilation Procedure is significantly modified to provide a more accurate calculation methodology and also define the process for designing an engineered system.
Natural ventilation now requires considering the quality of the outdoor air and interaction of the outdoor air with mechanically cooled spaces.
Air-cleaning devices that generate ozone are prohibited.
Humidity control requirements are now expressed as dew point and not as relative humidity.
The standard now defers to ANSI Z9.5 on ventilation for laboratories handling hazardous materials.
Patient care spaces in the scope of ASHRAE/ASHE Standard 170 now follow the requirements of Standard 170; ancillary spaces not previously classified have been added.

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