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ASHRAE Data Centers and Comfort Cooling

be the software (applications) that runs on the computers (hardware); therefore, software becomes the

ASHRAE Liquid-Cooled IT-Equipment in Data Centers

costs, software licensing, hardware and software sup- port costs, and human resources. If certain aspects

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Liquid-Cooled IT Equipment in Data Centers

ASHRAE 2013 02 Futur of DCV

online software. The ex- haust airflow design rates can be determined by the appliance line and guidance

ASHRAE Acoustic Performance

PC-based software or a PC-based analysis system. Simultaneous mea- surements at two locations are required

ASHRAE Testing For Leaks

meetings, BIM software was used to find conflicts, which were reviewed by all members of the subcontracting

ASHRAE Basics of Well-Mixed Room Air Distribution

selection software the desired terminal velocity is usu- ally a selectable parameter. The distance from

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Basics of Well-Mixed Room Air Distribution

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